Awaken your beauty from the inside out with the Intelligent Beauty Masterclass by Joy.

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Are you unsatisfied with the feelings you have about your beauty?

So many people, like you, lose themselves by sacrificing for work and family, and struggle under the rapid changes of societal beauty standards.

I can help you take back your life and awaken your true beauty.

Let me guide you towards the change you seek and create a more harmonious way of life.

I created The Intelligent Beauty Method Masterclass as the first-ever guide to harmonizing and strengthening your inner and outer beauty. By integrating these tools and techniques, you can transform your life from the inside out with uncompromised confidence and inner peace.

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My Intelligent Beauty Method teaches you how to overcome:

  • Blocks Keeping You from Total JOY in Your Life

  • Lack of Confidence and Self-Acceptance

  • Imbalanced Lifestyle Habits

  • Fatigue and Sleeplessness

  • Lack of Passion, Vitality and Creativity

The Results You Have Been Dreaming of:

  • Liberate Your Influential Power of Beauty

  • Looking Great AND Feeling Great

  • Ageless Beauty

  • Unapologetic Self-Love

  • Creating an Impressive Personal Brand and Professional Image

  • Transform Stress into Inner Peace

  • Improved Memory, Performance, and Resilience

  • Integrate with a Trusted Community

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

If you are ready for me to show you how to transform your feelings of unworthiness, overwhelm, stress, lost sense of style into a new life with magnetism, inner peace, and fulfillment in your life’s purpose, the Intelligent Beauty Masterclass is exactly what you have been searching for.

If you are looking for a way to harmonize and amplify your inner and outer beauty and learn the perfect recipe to manifest your optimal life, join me now at the Intelligent Beauty Masterclass!

From Ancient Eastern wisdom combined with Modern Western science, the information I will share in the Intelligent Beauty Masterclass is timeless and transformative. TOGETHER WE WILL DISCOVER AND EMPOWER YOUR UNIQUE BEAUTY. YOU DESERVE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE!

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Awaken the Power of Beauty You Never Knew Existed

Utilize Techniques that Enhance Beauty, Wellness and Consciousness

End Self-Doubt and Low Confidence

Radiate Your Beauty Inside and Out

Share Your Power and Peace with the World

A Personal Message from Joy

Joy Vanichkul

I have been in the fashion industry for over three decades where I have appeared on hundreds of international fashion magazine covers.

I have owned multiple award-winning Spa and Wellness Centers and I’ve helped people transform their lives and radiate beauty from the inside out.

As a long time meditation practitioner, I recognize our true power comes from harmonizing our inner and outer beauty.

My lifelong study of wellness, nutrition, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, and natural medicine is my journey of self-discovery and cultivated consciousness.

Intelligent Beauty is the result of all my studies and practices.

My passion is sharing the secrets I have learned for radiating beauty from the inside out. I have helped people, just like you, who feel disconnected from their true selves by the demands of careers and families. The Intelligent Beauty method guides people to awaken a power they never knew existed to achieve profound, high-level beauty, happiness, and fulfillment.

If you are ready to transform your life, I can teach you how to achieve your dreams.

Starting 8/29


The Intelligent Beauty Intensive is happening LIVE on Zoom at 3 pm ET on the dates below.

(Replays available for those who can't make it live.)  Click Here for a TimeZone Conversion Tool.

August 29th

Day 1 - Inner Beauty: Radiating Your Authentic Beauty

Tuesday, August 29th at 3 pm ET

Learn the Virtues of Beauty through embracing self-acceptance, courage, confidence and inner mental and emotional well-being. 

Learn how to synchronize your mind, heart and body into your highest capacity. Through redefining your sense of identity, you will glow in your inner peace, and radiate your unique beauty from the inside out.

August 30th

Day 2 - Outer Beauty: The Influential Power of Outer Beauty

Wednesday, August 30th at 3 pm ET

There are tremendous benefits in cultivating your outer beauty. Use this power to entice, dazzle and charm any room, anyone, at any time.

You will learn to enhance your self-image and appearance by mastering your Personal and Professional Brand. Through utilizing principles in Secrets of a Supermodel, skincare education, wardrobe essentials, and the equilibrium of external attractiveness, you make The World Your Runway.

August 31st

Day 3 - Total Beauty: The Magic of Inner and Outer Beauty in Harmony

Thursday, August 31st at 3 pm ET

Learn the Magic of The Intelligent Beauty Method principles to harmonize your inner and outer beauty, empowering you to manifest your total beauty. 

Discover techniques such as self-connection, meditation, affirmations, and personal expression through daily schedules and regimens. 

Experience positive change aligned with your authentic self and achieve fulfillment in life. You deserve the transformation you desire!

But Don't Just Take It From Us

Here’s What People Who Have Worked With Joy Vanichkul Had To Say! And Now It's Your Turn!

"Joy Vanichkul has not only been an inspiration to our school, but a transformative Director of our Meditation and Yoga program. Her dedication and leadership have made possible a unique offering at TREE Academy, and her classes have quickly become the favorites of our students. Without her, TREE Academy would not be able to regularly offer students such advanced training, and because of her, we are at the forefront of what we hope will be commonplace for students in the future. "

- Darryl Sollerh

"Joy Vanichkul, former international Super Model and successful Entrepreneur possesses extraordinary ability and sustained recognition in her field. She is a savvy business person with a very unique perspective and keen understanding of the consumer because of her experience and multi-layered skill set that includes business, aesthetics, beauty, fashion, fitness, and health as a way of life."

- Mr Theerachai Laokosakul

"I have known Joy Vanichkul for more than 15 years. When we first met, she was a renowned Supermodel in Thailand with a record of award-winning achievements. At the height of her modeling career, she decided to combine her success in the fashion and entertainment industry with her strong entrepreneurial interest in the complimentary arena of beauty and wellness. Spas of Thailand are second to none because of the distinctive traditional Thai massage and the outstanding Thai hospitality presented through the well-trained therapists."

- Alan Kam

"As the author of the #1 bestselling book, The Science of Creating Miracles: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Living the Life of Your Dreams, I get to know a lot of people who are living miraculous lives and creating magnificent effects in the world. Even among miracle makers, Joy is truly extraordinary. She brings a message, guidance, and practical techniques that are deeply needed in the world today. Her life is a shining example of the amazing possibilities that she unfolds for others. As a supermodel, she certainly has exemplary expertise in the outer display of beauty. What is so unique about her contribution is that she shows us that inner beauty is the basis of outer beauty. The essence of her revolutionary concept of Intelligent Beauty is that beauty is created from the inside out. Like happiness and fulfillment, beauty begins within. Joy lives in her own life – and can teach you – the secret to radiating beauty on every level of life."

- Dr. Larry Farwell

“Joy has an energy that is hard to describe in words. The first time I attended a workshop in Miami with her, I felt SO MUCH PEACE. And whenever I would be anxious about an important meeting coming up, she would guide me with a meditation to connect back to my power and overcome any challenge. I felt unstoppable after. I learned so much with Joy and her Intelligent Beauty Method about how to be confident, reconnect to myself, and be in my power. Beauty is energy, and we all have the right to experience it. Thank you so much, Joy, for sharing all of your knowledge and supporting me”

- Fiorella Oldani

"When was the last time you felt truly beautiful?" This really struck a chord with me. I realized I had gotten into the habit of throwing on jeans and t-shirts instead of honoring the beautiful soul and body I have been blessed with. The lessons in this extraordinary program have helped me to become more aware of the power of bringing awareness to my inner beauty and how it translates to outer beauty and gave me the permission to push past my comfort zone. This very powerful, yet gentle program will bring an enormous amount of joy and confidence to women. I recommend this for any woman, no matter what stage of life she is in. I wish this program existed when I was a teenager!!"

- Corinne Lebrun M.S.


Who is this Intelligent Beauty Intensive for?

People who want to transform their lives and reach their full potential through the power of beauty.

Will this be live?

Yes, this will be filmed LIVE and ONLINE. You can watch and participate from anywhere!

Where is the Intelligent Beauty Intensive Held?

The class will be streaming LIVE in our Facebook Group for General Admission. VIP ticket holders will have access to the Zoom link.

What will I gain from this?

This Intelligent Beauty Masterclass will share the secrets for powerful, radiant beauty and unapologetic self-love. You will learn how to become an integrated, passionate, emotionally healthy, and self-aware individual in love with yourself and your life. 

You will become a magnet to positive experience and opportunities that will transform how you see yourself, the world, and what’s possible when you are authentically moving through it.

When is the Intelligent Beauty Intensive?

August 29th, August 30th, August 31st at 3 pm ET.

Are the results guaranteed?

You will get out of the Intelligent Beauty Method what you put into it. I know that if you open yourself up the lessons and implement them into your life, you will experience transformational change.

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